Crash (randomcrash) wrote in reviewers,

"Choke" by Chuck Palahniuk

Exceptional book. Definite "must read" for fight club fans out there.
Choke follows the life of Victor Mancini and his close friend Denny, who easily translate into Edward Norton and Brad Pitt in your head if you've seen fight club.
Victor's mother is in a nursing home suffering form alzheimer's disease and the medical bills are piling up, so in order to pay for them, Victor goes to various restaurants and pretends to choke. When someone comes to his rescue with the heimlich, he makes good on the old chinese proverb "Once you've saved someone's life, you're responsible for them".
Victor is also a med school drop out and a sex addict. This comes into play when he falls for one of the nurses caring for his mother, who has some whacked out ideas on life all on her own.
Great read.
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