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Tombraider - the movie

When I first heard that Angelia Jolie was cast as Lara Croft, I was a little upset. "They should have gotten somebody better," I thought. But then I thought, "well. . . who is good enough to play Lara?" so I figured Mrs. Jolie was as good as any.
Well, I'm happy to say that she did a phenominal job. her potrayal of lady Croft was terrific, from the accent, to the skimpy clothes, right down to some amazing stunts - that she did all herself by the way.
The movie was excellent. Action packed throughout the entire thing. It centers around an underground group of elite british men who call themselves "the illuminati". they've been around for about five thousand years waiting for the planets to align so that they can use some magical artifacts to gain control of time itself. Lara comes into the picture when she inherits one of the artifacts from her father. And so the battle for good vs. evil is begun. Sounds pretty trite huh. But somehow, they pull it off exceptionally well.
Looking back on the movie, I'm thinking to myself it was pretty predictable and I should have seen half of it coming, but I was glued to the screen for every second.
Hats off to the director for making it coincide with the games so much. Just a few examples - the secret room that lara finds in her mansion is in the same place that it is in the games, only she didn't have to flip a switch in the garden maze to open it, she just bashes it in with a big heavy metal thing - the camera work on the dog sled scene where the camera seems to follow lara througha cave so that you see the back of her, just like when you're playing the game - and when she shoots at enemies, she doesn't have any fancy shooting that she does like in the cop movies. She's always got one pistol in each hand, arms locked, blowing away whatever's in front of her. =)
It's a great flick, even if the theatres jacked up the price again to see it. $7.75 now. geesh
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