Crash (randomcrash) wrote in reviewers,

Netscape is a fucking peice of trash

but then again, what should I have expected form something owned by AOhelL?
so I download the thing, fed up with IE crashing all the time, and after iit freezes up seven or eight times on opening, i uninstall/reinstall. no luck. unisntall/reinstall again. same thing.
so I get rid of it and move on. now a day later, I realize that when I uninstalled it, it didn't take it's file associations with it, and it left shortcuts to webpages all over my start menu, whihc makes no sense to me becasue the shortcuts are the file extensions it didn't change. so I'm clicking on these shortcuts that netscape left and it's trying to open them with netscape, which isn't even on my system anymore.
I know this stuff can be easily fixed, but the point is that I shouldn't have to. netscape sucks.
and Opera isn't much better. Opera is great for just surfing, but as soon as you want to watch a movie or stream some audio, yer shit out of luck.
does anybody out there know of a decent browser?
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